Summer Camps and Festivals

There are summer camps and festivals for any type of player, and they can be a super fantastic experience.  The list below is not even the tip of the iceberg!  It is geared more towards the school age crowd (preschool through high school).  There are so many great camps local to the bay area- especially for younger and less experienced learners- so attending doesn’t have to mean travel.

Here is a comprehensive list of California (and every other state) summer camps, courtesy of Johnson String Instruments (no affiliation…they just have a good list)!

Feel free to request information for a camp meeting specific criteria you may have, it’ll give me reason to add to the list- and feel free to email your favorite camps or camp experiences!

For the serious performer (audition only):

Aspen Music Festival: 

One of the two big orchestra focused festivals.  There is a range of advanced abilities at the Aspen Music Festival, usually the age range is high school through college.  Scholarships are available based on ability.  The concerts are incredible, and the experience is one of the best.  Highly recommended for the most advanced players planning on focusing on music (or already focused!), auditions are competitive.

Tanglewood Music Festival:

The other big orchestra focused festival!  Very similar to Aspen, which festival to attend is a matter of choice and interest in specific teacher.  Auditioning for both can be a good idea if interested in attending either.

For the advanced student:

Interlochen Arts Camp:

A really fantastic camp (and school, during the year) for a broader range of abilities, ages 3rd grade through 12th.  For the serious student only.  Includes other domains as well (visual art, theater, etc.).  Worth it!

Suzuki camps:

Northern California Suzuki Association usually has camps and events happening.  Good for very young children, and kids who have been memorizing their pieces.

Where to look for more camps: 

 If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, there are some great lists compiled for students.

American String Teachers Association list