Here’s all the serious fine print, only in bigger print!  We really love our families try to be super straight forward and fair with everything, so if you have any questions, of course just ask!


  • Please bring notebook and music books to every lesson!  They can be hard to remember, so we recommend a bag to cart it all in.
  • Lessons are 50 minutes in length with the last 10 minutes reserved for student transitions or parent communication if needed.  We often do go for 60 minutes, but it is helpful to have the buffer if needed!


There is a “mail box” for payments brought to lesson located inside the entryway, on the wall.

  • Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.  Please bring to lesson (credit card, check, or cash), pay via the website, or mail to:
    Alameda Violin
    547 Pacific Ave
    Alameda Ca 94501
  • Auto-pay is available through the invoicing system
  • Tuition invoices are automatically sent out monthly for your convenience.  Late payments can result in student suspension from lessons unless prior arrangements are made.  This is completely last resort- we try our best to work with families and can usually accommodate a variety of circumstances with communication!  We cannot schedule makeup lessons for families with tuition overdue more than a month.
  • A $10 late fee is charged to tuition that is more than two weeks late.
  • We feel that it is important to be able to work with students long term and avoid tuition increases as much as possible.  Therefore as a policy we do not increase existing student tuition rates unless the tuition rate falls below 20% less than published current tuition.



  • Absences are excused if notification is given by phone, text, or email at least 24 hours in advance.  For excused absences, students are credited a makeup lesson.  Unexcused absences are missed lessons with less than 24 hours advance notice, or no notice.  Those absences are not made up.
  • Absence rules don’t count if your student is ill or if there is a family emergency.  We’ll make up your lesson!  Sick students are unhappy students!
  • For the benefit of the student, and except in very specific circumstances, we do not allow for prorating missed lessons, relying instead on makeup lessons if the student must miss.  It is important to have regular lessons in order to avoid student frustration, aid in practice, and for steady progress.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot hold lesson slots for students desiring a hiatus.  We do totally support that for a variety of reasons, a hiatus can be helpful and/or necessary!  However we also feel it is important to allow wait-listed students a chance at a lesson slot should one become available.  We will certainly work to find a lesson slot for returning students.  If we are able to secure a spot, the most current tuition rate will apply.
  • You made it to the last bullet point!  There’s actually nothing to see here.  High fives!