Quick! I need a gimmick…

  • The Five guys game (hint: it doesn’t involved hamburger)!
  • Practice Cards and Practice Cards
  • Stage a stuffed animal concert!
  • Stage a relatives and friends concert!
  • Play with fire!  Okay- this one needs some parent supervision.  Light a birthday candle, and practice until the candle burns out.
  • Practice sprints*:  Practice for 10 minutes,then put the instrument down and spend 10 minutes goofing off.  Practice for 5 minutes, then spend 5 goofing off.   Practice for 3 minutes, 3 goofing off, and 2 and 2.  The times can be adjusted however necessary, keeping the spirit of the game.  Another route is to practice for 15 minutes, spend 10 away, practice 10, spend 5 away, etc.