This is such a vast subject, that it has been hard to both edit and contribute to this page while keeping it useful!

Like many “advice-y” pages on this site, is certainly not the “end word” in practice tips.  There are many right ways to go about practicing correctly and productively, and often it is a bit of a moving target.  This area is mostly a repository for ideas to help the student and parent find what works for them.

Often teachers are working until the last minute of the lesson with the student, and time is not always regularly dedicated to the subject of practice.  So, make sure you let your teacher know if you are struggling with practice at home so that they can help!

There are lots of great resources in print on practicing, and many are easy to read in little 5 minute intervals when you have a spare second (hah)!  I’ll list some of my favorites below.

The Basics

In general


Some things to consider

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Further Reading