Why take music lessons?

Okay, full disclosure, we’re, um, a bit biased. This post will probably get longer and longer, partly because more and more research supports the benefits of playing a musical instrument, and partly because I’m a big fan.  The short version:  Learning an instrument is awesome, supports all kinds of brain … Continue reading

Preparing (or helping your student prepare) for recitals

Beyond the day to day work of learning an instrument, here are some extra ways to prepare for a good recital experience! The following are just some quick suggestions for the mechanics of performance practice, for more on performing also check the Performance Anxiety FAQ. Listen and play. Listen to … Continue reading


While ideally we like playing to be holistic, in reality, different skills happen at different rates for different musicians.  Periodization is a way to avoid injury and burnout by placing emphasis on different skills at different points in the year.  For beginners, the periodization might be less evident, as there … Continue reading

Performance “Anxiety”

We don’t often talk about the act of performing itself until students are struggling with performance anxiety, or at the very advanced or collegiate level facing rigorous auditions and high pressure performances. I don’t have a great forum to communicate with parents what we work on in class and group … Continue reading

How should parents support lessons at home?

For more on practice and how to practice with your violinist, see here The best help from parents is help with the discipline of practice. It is far better to practice a little bit each day, than in large chunks of time only a few times a week! Just like … Continue reading