Theory Tutoring and Music Reading

Theory is way easier to learn when it’s interesting, and…should we whisper this part? Fun.

Private theory tutoring geared towards students already taking music lessons (but we don’t judge- just be a theory nerd, if you wanna be!) and needing some extra focus on learning music theory rudiments. Especially helpful for students prepping for the CMTA certificate of merit, Achievement Program, Suzuki students, and anyone who is finding music theory tricky or boring!

Music reading tutoring geared to help with the fundamentals, to equalize reading with playing skills, or to help with orchestra auditions and sight reading.

Classes are tailored individual needs and age, from pre-reading to adult. Classes cover (as needed) chords, vocabulary, symbols, time signatures, key signatures, and note values, reading and writing, circle of 5ths, keyboard theory skills, ear training, and rhythms using games, simple explanations, and projects.

Class is taught with or without an instrument, depending on needs and desires of the student and their teachers…not just for violinists and violists!

Rates vary, please inquire.