Wilder Violin

The Alameda Violin School is dedicated to the music education of all, ages 3 on up.

Emphasis is on a fun, supportive learning environment tailored to each student’s learning style and age, with the understanding that a good experience in early music education is essential for a lifelong appreciation of music.

Beginning through advanced violin and viola, along with music fundamentals, keyboard skills, and theory, are taught in a supportive, fun environment.

  • We believe in lessons as a parable for success in life: an opportunity to learn character traits, skills, and ways to think that aren’t limited to the concert hall
  • We believe that all students benefit from the support and community of playing with other students and the experience of performing for a friendly audience.  Mini-recitals, recitals, and group classes are included in tuition and occur regularly.
  • Tuition includes 46 lessons per year, and several mini-recitals, and group classes, as well as at least one formal recital per year.
  • Consultative lessons are always free and run about 30 minutes in length. A consultation is often the best way for parents to get a feel for how a teacher operates and interacts with the child (and vice versa), and it provides an in-person opportunity to talk with the teacher and answer any outstanding questions.
  • We teach a mixture of Suzuki method violin with age appropriate note-reading and music theory (often not initially taught in “traditional” Suzuki method).
  • Keyboard skills are mixed in with the violin, because we believe strongly in the lessons being not only fun and interesting for the student, but also that lessons should serve as a good all-around foundation for whatever music the student is interested in when they are older- whether that is trumpet, guitar, professional violinist, or just a music appreciator!  Piano is a good supplement to the violin for learning a bit of music theory in a more fun, hands-on way.

The studio accepts a very limited number of students so that each student can be best served. If we do not have openings in the studio, we are happy to recommend other violin and viola teachers in the area, and are also happy to place your student on a waiting list